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P&G is an American company with more than 180 years in the market. The renowned company focuses on the production of cleaning supplies and personal care products.

Its history in Mexico begins in 1948, acquiring an oil factory in the State of Mexico. In the last 20 years, they have opened 4 new plants in the country, in addition to its headquarters in Cuajimalpa, Mexico.

It is a pleasure to share the first project that we worked on for P&G.

Project specifications

The project is located in Naucalpan, State of Mexico, began in February 2020, and consists of the following works:

Solutions and development

Our team’s role was as General Contractor in civil works and the structure of the buildings. We participated as Construction Manager, thus we were in charge of coordination, security, and information management of the project. We did this with 3 more companies, in addition to the client.

Hence the large team, each member defined their scope within the project. We followed the LEAN IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) contract, which states the risks and utilities shared between the teams.

Additionally, we were able to create a collaborative LEAN environment. Implementing the Last Planner technique from the beginning, led to focused coordination of contractors, subcontractors, and the client. The ultimate goal was to fulfill the client’s requirements in time, safety, cost, and quality delivery dates for each area and stage of the project.

Other LEAN-focused activities were: planning prior to on-site execution, daily task monitoring (Daily huddle) and coordination of the different work fronts (“Look Ahead”). This has led to constant communication between the work parties and the client, always looking for the best solution for the benefit of the project.

We also proposed the use of BIM 360 to centralize information. Timely data was crucial due to different companies working in different stages of the project. In the end, we had a database in the cloud that enabled a constant flow of efficient and updated information.

The project presented challenges regarding the conditions of the space where it was to be developed. The work is located inside a plant in operation with production lines active in three shifts, every day of the week. This reduces to its maximum expression any margin of error since we must execute the works without affecting or suspending the daily operation of the plant.

It is notable that all this has been carried out parallel to a pandemic, which shortened the initial times of the project and represented a latent risk during all the months of execution. In order to protect our collaborators and continue working on the project, we established rigid hygiene protocols, focused on reducing and eliminating COVID-19 infections.

This project created more than 300 direct jobs and approximately 200 indirect jobs.

All waste management was carried out under the “zero landfill” approach, and complying with local environmental guidelines.


This is the first project in Latin America worked under the LEAN IPD methodology, and we are proud to have been part of it. For Procter & Gamble this project represents its largest work worldwide during the 2020-2021 period.

We thank P&G, the companies that collaborated with us, and our team that demonstrated the capabilities and quality that we offer to all our clients.

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