AutoZone - Hermosillo: Design and Construction
Outside view of Autozone retail store in Texcoco.


PIES CUADRADOS: 7,222 SF en tiendas y 272,600 SF en CEDIS METROS CUADRADOS: 670 SQM en tiendas y 25,325 SQM en CEDIS SECTOR: Comercial                   UBICACIÓN: 1 distribution center and 45 retail stores in 30 cities throughout Mexico.

Our first store was built for AutoZone in 2001. Over the years, we have constructed more than 45 stores in different cities throughout Mexico. The relationship with AutoZone is based on one common goal: a good long-term relationship between companies. This relationship is also based on honesty, trust and hard work. Due to our excellent record of successfully executing these retail projects, we have continued to work together in the design and construction of their new multi-distribution center. This MDC facility has a total area of 272,500 sq. ft., and it is located in central Mexico. Our support to the customer during the pre-construction phase of the project began with guidance during the site selection process, determining feasibility for utilities, site tests and permitting. Working together as a team, we were able to provide AutoZone with a new world-class facility in record time.

They are excellent contractors who build high quality with emphasis on customer.Hermosillo’s principal quality is their customer service, technical expertise, reliability, great job supervision and administrative staff.” –JOE LORSON, Senior Project Manager, Multi-distribution Center.

We recognize the excellent performance and professionalism that Hermosillo has demonstrated to complete and overcome our expectations in the construction of our stores in different cities of Mexico; they always comply with our quality standards, approved budget, agreed milestones and service. ” – ROBERT THOMAS, Regional Construction Manager, Retail Stores.


Tiempo de construcción

Tiempo récord: 3 meses para tiendas y 8 meses en CEDIS

Información de contacto

Rafael Romano
+52 1 (55) 5280 0956

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