Constellation Brands - Hermosillo: Design and Construction
Inside view of Constellation Brands Brewery Building in Mexicali, Baja California

Constellation Brands

SQUARE FOOTAGE: Ziemann Building 51,613.38 sq. ft. / Cold Block Constellation 113,022 sq. ft./ Packaging Building, foundations and electrical system 1,008,750 sq. ft. SQUARE METERS: Ziemann Building 4,795 SQM / Cold Block Constellation 10,500 SQM / Packaging Building, foundations and electrical system 93,715 SQM INDUSTRY: Industrial LOCATION: Mexicali, BC.

This is Constellation Brands second brewery in Mexico. Hermosillo was selected to participate in several phases.

During the initial bidding process, Hermosillo’s proposal included an option to re-design the steel structure and obtain substantial savings. This value-engineering proposition was accepted and our company was awarded with the Ziemann Building contract. After this, Hermosillo was also awarded with phases II and III.

In the Cold Block phase, our company built a very complicated concrete structure and mezzanine which is where the mixing batch production tanks will be located and assembled. Hermosillo is now working in the tenant improvements of the Packaging building; the foundation and electrical contract is also being executed.

Most Recent Award

Special Certification: Design based on ACI 301 specs.


10 months

Contact Information

Rafael Romano
+52 1 (55) 5280 0956

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