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Fisher and Paykel


Fisher & Paykel, the newzealand healthcare solutions company, with a presence in more than 35 countries worldwide and 120 countries in the commercialization and sale of its products, announced in August 2016, the expansion of their manufacturing facilities in Mexico, beginning the construction of its second production plant in Mexico, located in Tijuana, Baja California, during September 2017.

This plant with an area of more than 18,000 square meters, located in El Florido industrial park within the area of La Encantada, is dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of medical devices and consumables, products and systems for respiratory and intensive care.


The scope of HYA de Mexico for this project, is the coordination and development of the architectural and engineering area, the construction of the project and begin the production during the end of 2018. The team coordinates and generates the complete architectural and engineering project, considering structural, electric, mechanic, plumbing, HVAC equipment and fire protection system engineering details, based on BIM models and information, all this information has been generated according to regulations, norms and recommendations applicable to each specialty, based on the preliminary design of the building, the dimensions of the project and all the information and specifications provided by our client.

With a total area of 18,939 square meters (203,988 SF), the project consists of a 2,547 m² (23,662 SF) warehouse building and four clean rooms with a total surface of 6,438 m² (69,305 SF), fourteen docks, cafeteria and office area within a mezzanine designed with metallic structure and steel-deck system.

The construction system is based on reinforced concrete isolated footing as foundation of the building interior and continuous footing on the perimeter walls. Square section metallic columns and joists as structure, with a 24-gauge standing seam metal roof, 15 centimeters thick reinforced concrete slab and exterior walls of tilt-up concrete walls of thirteen meters height, interior walls based on gypsum board and waterproof gypsum boards for all the clean rooms areas and offices, and common block for sanitary modules.


12 months

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