General Motors - Hermosillo: Design and Construction

General Motors

PIES CUADRADOS: Stamping: 337,110 SF - Body Shop: 911,652 SF METROS CUADRADOS: Stamping: 31,318 SM - Body Shop 84,695 SM SECTOR: Industrial                   UBICACIÓN: Silao, Guanajuato

Hermosillo and Barton Malow International, GM’s contractor leaders for North America, have partnered successfully in several projects for General Motors.

The M5 project included the execution of 2 new facilities in their existing plant located in Silao, Guanajuato. New Stamping and Body Shop facilities were executed simultaneously as well as an expansion of the existing substation, an overhead tunnel to connect the Body Shop building to the existing facility, and a new employee common facility area that includes a cafeteria and office spaces.

The Stamping building included a special foundation pit with an area of 33,356 sq. ft. and a depth of -6 meters.


1,000,000 hours of no-accident recognition

Tiempo de construcción

14 months

Información de contacto

Rafael Romano
+52 1 (55) 5280 0956

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