Hotel Rosarito Beach - Hermosillo: Design and Construction
Panoramic view of Rosarito Beach Hotel tower

Hotel Rosarito Beach

PIES CUADRADOS: 599,342 METROS CUADRADOS: 55,680 SECTOR: Hospitalidad                   UBICACIÓN: Rosarito, B.C.

Hotel Rosarito Beach is an ocean front located in the city of Rosarito, Baja California. Hermosillo performed the design and construction of this 18 story (360 keys) hotel based on the customer’s detailed specifications.  The construction specialties included steel structure, a pool and a bar at the last floor.

The construction of the hotel faced several challenges, strong winds incoming from the Pacific Ocean and a very tight schedule. We feel very proud to have achieved a world-class quality hotel in record time, as well as compliance with all of the owner’s specifications.

Tiempo de construcción

12 meses

Información de contacto

Rafael Romano
+52 1 (55) 5280 0956

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