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The best work comes from a safe workplace

And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our relentless pursuit of safety is more than just a program, it’s a mentality engrained into the Hermosillo culture through a deliberate application of:


While safety is certainly a focal point during new employee orientation, it's our commitment to ongoing safety training for all employees that makes Hermosillo’s safety track record so remarkable. Our sessions teach employees invaluable methods to identify and correct work practices that put themselves or others at risk.

Jobsite Monitoring

Safety isn’t just a classroom activity. Our construction managers perform daily site inspections and monitoring of jobsite workers and contractors, including frequent testing for drug and alcohol use. We’re not shy about halting work if risks are uncovered.

OSHA Accreditation

Our managers and trainers are all OSHA certified as we seek to be a worldwide leader in workplace safety, far exceeding both local and international safety standards.

Hermosillo's safety program is top notch.
It's better than most U.S. contractors,
and they strictly adhere to it.

— Stephen K. Scott | Global Facilities Planning - Caterpillar INC.

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