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You can fully trust our wide experience with every automotive system and OEM part, from paint shops and stamping to final assembly buildings. Everything is under a fully integrated LEAN CONSTRUCTION methodology and BIM frameworks to always deliver consistent results, on time and on budget. We have broad experience working with different specialized buildings, such as:

  • Paint Shop
  • Stamping & Body Shop
  • Final Assembly
  • Tier 1, 2, 3 suppliers

Automotive Construction

We take immense pride in our partnership with esteemed international auto manufacturers, enabling us to establish state-of-the-art facilities in Mexico. The automotive industry’s expansion has yielded abundant employment opportunities for our country, and Hermosillo is dedicated to delivering manufacturing facilities of exceptional quality for each job. With meticulous attention to detail and strategic planning, we consistently uphold these two distinguishing qualities at Hermosillo, making us a reliable choice for automotive plant construction.

Our values include integrity, teamwork, and honesty. People and family come before profit, and every building we make reflects our people-first mentality.

The Benefits of Hiring Hermosillo for Automotive Assembly Construction

For 60 years, Hermosillo has been a trusted name in construction. Our history proves we are equipped to serve clients from around the world, whether from a large city or a small community. We work tirelessly to craft buildings that exceed expectations. If you’re searching for automotive plant construction contractors, here’s how Hermosillo will help you:

Thorough Knowledge

We are experienced and knowledgeable regarding automotive construction and its unique requirements. While there are other automotive plant construction companies, our institutional knowledge and passion for continual learning and education are why we’re the number one choice for international clients looking in Mexico for automotive construction companies.

Innovative Designs

Buildings should be more than functional; they should be aesthetically pleasing, flow logically, and endure well past industry expectations. By focusing on worker safety as a top priority, we make factories that employees look forward to working in.

We Work Alongside You

Hermosillo will share resources and constantly update you on your project’s progress. You’ll always be aware when we’re working with you! Your building has to serve you well into the future, and we are as invested in the project as you are. We aim to serve our partners with the finest construction and design we can provide. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss how we can create your new automotive manufacturing facility or any other project you want to see come to life.

We Pay Attention to Details

Automotive construction is one of many building types we specialize in. We use the latest technology to render buildings digitally before we begin construction. We can then share designs in the cloud and even render 3D structures for full VR tours.


Panoramic view of General Motors stamping and body shop facility in Silao, Guanajuato.


General Motors

M5 Productivity Improvement Project
Silao, Guanajuato
Flex-N-Gate industrial building in Guanajuato



Stamping East Expansion Project
San José Iturbide, Guanajuato
Aerial view of Toyota paint & assembly plant in Tecate, Baja California



Paint & Assembly Plant - Cap Up Expansion
Tecate, Baja California
General Motors GFX


General Motors GEM

Transmission Building, Tennant Improvements
San Luis Potosí, S.L.P.
Tijuana, B.C.
248,648 sq. ft. (23,100 sq. mt.)
Mexicali, B.C.
215,000 sq. ft. (19,974 sq. mt.)
Querétaro, QRO
144,786 sq. ft. (13,451 sq. mt.)
NHK Topura
Irapuato, Guanajuato
206,000 sq. ft. (19,145 sq. mt.)
Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco
111,191 sq. ft. (10,330 sq. mt.)
Sumitomo Riko
Querétaro, Qro.
119,436 sq. ft. (11,100 sq. mt.)
Intier Magna
Ramos Arizpe, Co
100,000 sq. ft. (9,290 sq. mt.)
Sanko Gosei
Celaya, GTO
49,083 sq. ft. (4,560 sq. mt.)

Needing a consultation?

Khaled Parra is our expert project representative in automotive plant construction. With over a decade of experience and a track record of 20 successful projects, he is ready to guide you and solve all your doubts.

Khaled Parra

Automotive Projects Representative




Our strategically located offices allow us to meet your needs efficiently and offer our services nationwide. For immediate assistance, you can reach representative Rafa Romano:

Rafael Romano

New Business Development

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