Grupo Hermosillo's Breast Cancer Early Detection Campaign
Blog cover of Grupo Hermosillo against breast cancer

Last October, at Grupo Hermosillo, we moved from awareness to action through a campaign that goes beyond raising awareness about breast cancer. We carry out different activities in all offices to motivate our collaborators to undergo studies for the early detection of this condition.

Awareness Activities

In our office in Monterrey, we had a visit from the Cruz Rosa, Vida con Esperanza, who spoke to us about timely detection methods and self-examination of the body. In Mexicali, an in-person talk was held on risk factors and early detection of breast cancer with the participation of Dr. Paredes, a specialist in gynecology and oncology, which was transmitted to the offices in Mexico. For our Tijuana collaborators, a talk was held by the ProOncavi foundation, focused on education, prevention, and comprehensive care for breast cancer.

Counter and Pink Kit

We approach our collaborators through communications to promote awareness of this disease. These included content on statistics, graphs, testimonials, and videos to raise awareness and motivate women in the Group to have a mammogram or ultrasound. To those who underwent the studies, we gave them a “pink kit” with a tote bag and a t-shirt commemorating the cause. Likewise, we gave pink lanyards to all the collaborators as a reminder that they should complete the study according to their age or particular situation.

Furthermore, as the objective of this campaign, we set out to reach 45 studies taken. We are pleased to report that we exceeded this goal and managed to get 57 employees to undergo a study in favor of the health of their breasts.

It is worth mentioning that the pink counter will reset every year in November, with the closing date being October 31st.

These results (37 mammograms and 20 ultrasounds) reflect the commitment of the women who are part of the Hermosillo Group to their well-being. We thank everyone who was part of this campaign and reaffirm the importance of prevention and what we can do about it. Thanks for your participation!

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