Hermosillo Leaders: Francisco Javier López

Discover how Francisco Javier López is leading technological innovation in Hermosillo. In this interview, he shares how he implements strategic projects, his vision for the quality of work, and the balance between work and personal life. Join us to learn more about his career.

1. Tell us about your career at Grupo Hermosillo and how it began.

My journey at Grupo Hermosillo began in May 2019. At that time, the director invited me to participate in the planning and implementation of a major technological project. Thanks to my previous experience in ERP processes and systems, integrating with my new team was not difficult. Since then, we have improved and released new technological solutions focused on process simplification, aligned with Grupo Hermosillo’s strategic plans.

2. How do you identify and evaluate new technologies that could benefit the organization?

Every technological tool or solution arises from a need; however, to carry out  a practical evaluation and before initiating any project, we rely on the following points:

  1. Needs analysis: We understand the need and the objective, which allows us to focus the search on the best technological solution.
  2. Proof of concept: These tests allow us to assess the project’s viability under a controlled environment and also identify possible risks.
  3. Implementation plan: Development of an implementation plan describing the most relevant points of the project, timelines, and responsibilities.

3. How do you integrate innovation into the technological development of your team?

In such a rapidly changing environment like information technology, we must stay constantly updated on different technological tools to remain competitive and differentiate ourselves from other companies in the sector. To achieve this, we rely on the following strategic points:

  1. Research and development: We allocate resources and time to researching and developing new technologies, considering new methodologies and trends that keep us up to date. This also allows us to be a multidisciplinary team.
  2. Culture of innovation: Creating a work environment where the team feels confident to propose new ideas, experiment in a controlled manner, and learn from mistakes to improve our processes.
  3. Integration with other areas: All technological solutions or improvements we release result from our good relationship with operational areas, so we must fully understand the problem or need.
  4. Recognition: Whenever the team or an individual contributes significantly to a project or technological solution, their effort and creativity are publicly recognized, and efforts are made to reward them.

4. Tell us about a project in which you led the successful implementation of a new technology. What were the main challenges, and how did you overcome them?

I’ve been involved in various internal innovation projects, but undoubtedly, the biggest project I’ve been part of so far is the implementation of SAP’s new version of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), called S/4HANA.

The main challenge we faced (back in June 2019) was to demonstrate the feasibility of implementing the S/4HANA version and to do so using internal resources. I never doubted that our team could complete the project, and I always tried to convey confidence. We all prepared for the project kickoff, and by the end of 2019, we had completed an entire configuration of the new S/4HANA version on test servers.

In January 2020, we began the real configurations of Grupo Hermosillo’s processes in the S/4HANA version. The initial implementation was with the Real Estate Development sector in 2021, the construction sector in 2022, and the housing sector in 2023.

Ultimately, the project implementation succeeded, surpassing expectations thanks to preparation and teamwork. The development and implementation of this project also resulted in the company saving several million USD.

5. How do you manage the balance between work and your personal life?

Balancing work and personal life is crucial, and I try to consider the following points to achieve that balance:

  1. Trust in the team: Setting and achieving goals while giving freedom to implement innovative ideas.
  2. Prioritizing activities: Solving impactful issues and preventing problems from escalating to avoid work overload in the short term.
  3. Respecting schedules: It’s important to respect not only our schedules but also our colleagues.
  4. Taking care of oneself: We should prioritize our well-being since nobody else will if we don’t.  Making time for oneself and family is essential.

6. How would you describe Hermosillo’s culture and its focus on quality of work?

It’s always beneficial when you resonate with the company culture and values. Grupo Hermosillo’s emphasis on teamwork, quality, and implementing best practices speaks volumes about its success and leadership in the sector. It’s so great to find a workplace that aligns with your values and beliefs, which can lead to a more fulfilling and productive experience.

7. What advice would you give someone interested in the design-build industry?

Staying updated with current technological trends like artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) is crucial, as these technologies are experiencing significant growth. On a personal note, I recommend prioritizing integrity and ethical principles. Doing what’s right will lead to professional development and excellence. It’s not just about technical skills but also about ethical conduct that shapes a successful career and contributes positively to society.

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