Hermosillo Leaders: Miguel León
MIguel de León, trabajador de Grupo Hermosillo

Let us introduce you to Miguel León, a Design Leader in Hermosillo. His experience and dedication have made him an essential element in the success of our projects. Miguel plays a fundamental role in the planning and design of our projects, ensuring that every detail contributes to the final success of the work. Keep reading and discover more about Miguel’s impressive career and impact on our projects’ design and construction.

1. Tell us about your experience in project design and planning.

When I started in design ten years ago, I began as an assistant, collaborating on exciting projects alongside Design Leaders from whom I gained valuable insights. Later, I became a Project Manager myself. With the knowledge acquired, I understood that the most important aspect to consider is understanding the client’s needs and having clear short- and long-term objectives and goals. All of this is to contribute assertively to the project, continuously embodying the company’s values inside and outside our workplace.

2. How do you approach the generation of creative ideas during the design phase of a project?

I always strive to ground ideas based on the client’s needs and budget. Sometimes, it can be a bit challenging to convey to the client that what they want is very different from what they require, and that is our role as architects and designers: to communicate to the client that it’s more critical to address their needs creatively than fulfill a design brief.

3. How do you handle tight deadlines and pressures in project management?

I handle pressure, prioritizing deliveries according to the scheduled design, client revisions, and their priorities. When the opportunity arises to collaborate on-site, it’s important to give preference to the construction schedule and equipment procurement needs. From the outset, it’s crucial to start from the general and move to the specific in order to begin finalizing all the engineering and architectural aspects of the project with the client. Especially when we already have agreed-upon timelines in place.

4. How do you adapt to changes in project requirements?

In the planning stage, it’s crucial to thoroughly dissect the information to identify the project details so that changes are not recurring. There are other circumstances where changes are necessary, and it’s essential always to have the mindset that the process may need to be accelerated at any moment to avoid affecting the agreed-upon deadlines. Alternatively, we must communicate to the client that the change will significantly impact our deliveries.

5. What has been the most significant lesson you’ve learned throughout your career in Hermosillo?

My most significant lesson is focusing on always doing things right the first time, meeting the client’s needs, and adding value whenever possible. All of this goes hand in hand with understanding the client and maintaining open communication with each team member, as a fractured communication channel can seriously impact the project. Similarly, proposing ideas without fear of being wrong or receiving a negative response is important. Ten years ago, I chose to develop myself within the company, and I am confident I made the right decision.

6. What tools or technologies do you use to assist you in the design/construction process?

Today, technology plays a crucial role in our daily lives overall. We rely on applications or programs that complement our work and assist us with project management. An example is the ACC platform, where we collaboratively and promptly share the necessary documentation. This platform is also very convenient as a supplement and support for the design process. We can visually showcase ideas, concepts, proposals, and even simulations that save time in helping the client better understand the project, concept, color choices, finishes, etc. All of this helps us instill confidence and demonstrate to the client that their project is in good hands.

7. Can you share an example of a time when you reached a challenging goal in your career?

When I joined Hermosillo, I hadn’t had the opportunity to collaborate on a large project. So, having the chance to work on the Vitro HVM2 plant was a rewarding experience. It was a significant challenge as the project involved numerous engineering aspects, extensive modifications to existing buildings, and the entire design process. We were involved in the construction process, from demolition to furnace ignition. Furthermore, we were engaged in on-site monitoring. After witnessing the entire project process, you realize the necessity of leadership to meet client expectations.

8. What advice would you give someone wanting to work in the design and construction industry?

Primarily, it’s essential to prepare oneself and adapt to new tools. Technology increasingly intertwines with everything we do, but this doesn’t mean the human element is left behind. However, it’s crucial to find a balance between the two, keeping the communication channels open with all project stakeholders and, above all, daring more. Making mistakes is also part of the process; we shouldn’t fear change. It’s very important and interesting to understand the different perspectives of the new generations and, likewise, to be able to transmit my knowledge and advice to those interested in working in this industry. I appreciate that they’ve always shown interest when I have something to say or comment on, and it’s satisfying to realize that we’re genuinely contributing to the company’s growth process, leaving our mark in one way or another.

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