Better Together: Hermosillo's Team Initiative in Time of Crisis
hermosillo and exe team delivering donation

Times like these require to be confronted with strength and perseverance. We are living in the middle of a global crisis that has affected our lives in unexpected ways. We surely have felt the absence of powerful, yet simple gestures, such as hugs. Handshakes have been replaced by distanced nods and gatherings by video calls.

Without a doubt, our way of connecting with others has changed. And along with that, the way to do business, educate, sell, work, travel, and everything we used to do.

Such life-changing measures, demand us to be resilient.

Our way of helping

On May 23, 2020, we launched the initiative “Better Together”, an internal fundraising campaign with the goal of raising funds to fight the current pandemic. The plan was to raise the maximum amount possible and hand it out to multiple Mexicali, Tijuana and Monterrey Associations that lead the battle against COVID-19. We, as Grupo Hermosillo, committed to triplicate the amount raised.

We were able to recollect a total of $495,550 Mexican pesos, purely from donations. Later, that amount turned into $1,325,650 Mexican pesos, which were donated altogether to:

  • Mexican Red Cross
  • “Apoyemos Mexicali”
  • IMSS (Tijuana)
  • El Comedor Misión Topo Chico (Monterrey)

This resource will focus on acquiring adequate equipment for our medical staff, as well as personal protection gear, hygiene products, and medical devices. Likewise, a portion of the donation will be for getting food and water for the most vulnerable people affected by the pandemic.

This is an effort to keep us united, even when physically can’t. This is the way we find ourselves to be the strongest; capable of overcoming even the hardest inquiries. We’re faithful that together we can accelerate the recovery process, for everyone to gain back their peace and wellness.

We’re grateful for the work of the medical personnel, doctors, and nurses that are giving everything for their community. We also recognize the effort of the people that are keeping businesses on track, delivery people, cashiers, cooks, workshops, and technicians; as well as small and large business owners, who even in crisis, keep looking for ways to stay afloat. Our hearts go out to everyone who is trying to survive this situation.

Especial gratitude to our family for making this possible and once again proving that, we are better together.

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