Hermosillo Leaders: Ariadna Carrillo
Ariadna Carrillo with the text 'Leaders of Hermosillo' overlaying the image, symbolizing her role as a design team leader at Grupo Hermosillo

We introduce you to Ariadna Carrillo, who tells us what it’s like to lead a design team and shares exciting anecdotes from her journey at Grupo Hermosillo. “The focus on leading by example, discipline, and respect is something I’ve tried to convey to my team”. Keep reading to discover more about her!

1. What is your overall approach to leading a design team?

I’ve always believed that actions speak louder than words. I’ve instilled my focus on leading by example, discipline, and respect in my team, composed of people of all ages. For instance, some people have been with the company for 30 or 35 years, and rather than solely teaching them, it’s about learning from them and passing that knowledge on to the younger members. My approach is rooted in setting an example and showing respect with the utmost professionalism, considering we spend more time at work than home. Part of my strategy also involves rotating among work groups to understand each person’s work approach and allowing younger team members to assist older ones in adopting new technologies and tools.

2. What are the key processes to ensure quality and consistency in the designs of each project?

Understanding the client’s needs perfectly and focusing on their requirements is key. Sometimes, these needs aren’t clearly defined, so we start with a conversation to understand them and establish the project’s foundations.

In any project, if the client requires a change, there’s a process involved. We aim to redesign the entire architectural aspect with a structural review. These are the challenges that I’m extremely passionate about, and it’s something I enjoy imparting to my team as we tackle all sorts of situations.

3. What’s an anecdote you remember fondly during your time at Hermosillo?

There are many experiences I’ve had throughout my career, but one in particular that I always highlight and that fills me with emotion is my time as project manager for the design team on the Kia project. The lead designer was Korean. I vividly remember when I was invited to join this project. During the negotiation in Monterrey with Gerardo Inzunza, the designer and Gerardo informed me that I would stay for 15 months. All emotions were encapsulated at that moment: happiness, sadness, uncertainty, and excitement. It was a very important negotiation and a huge project. I often would arrive at the department exhausted and frustrated, only to return to the routine the next day. However, upon completing this project, knowing that I was part of something so complex fills me with satisfaction. I deeply appreciate all the experiences I had during this project.

4. What methods do you use to communicate client needs and project requirements to your team effectively?

I initially had contact with the client; however, from the outset, I was very clear about which team members would participate in the project. I involved them and ensured they grasped the client’s idea firsthand. We receive a lot of information; we must first read, summarize, and explain it to the team. Also, I never allow the information given to them to be the only information they get.

Sometimes, I hear about the latest trends in the field and subscribe to some newsletters. Regarding architecture and design, I attend webinars hosted by companies to learn about new products. Additionally, I invite suppliers to discuss the innovations in both systems and products. I greatly value keeping the team well-trained and always striving to stay updated with new systems.

6. Have you implemented any new technology for the design of any recent projects?

In our case, in the Design area, the tools that are used are AutoCAD, BIM technology (mostly Revit), platforms for information documentation (BIM 360, Procore). The most recent implementation is ACC (Autodesk Construction Cloud) and as new technologies advance, are renewed, or implemented, we update and adapt to them.

7. Can you share about a challenging project where your team overcame significant obstacles?

Definitely, the Kia project, mainly because of the language barrier. We had a Korean-to-Spanish translator, but he wasn’t familiar with technical terms, making it challenging for him and his fellow Korean colleagues, engineers, or architects to convey their ideas to us. When the translator joined our meetings, it often seemed like he was lying to us or making terms. It was complex, yet at the same time, it was beautiful and very challenging.

8. What activities do you enjoy in your free time?

I love traveling, both long and short trips. I’ve visited Mexico, many cities in the United States, Vancouver, Turkey, and Costa Rica. I enjoy traveling everywhere. Traveling opens doors to meeting new people and experiencing different architecture, ideologies, and more. In my daily life, I watch series and movies. I’m not very athletic, but I do yoga occasionally and enjoy reading.

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