Foundations for Success: Preconstruction Strategies in Hermosillo
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Every construction project is a unique journey filled with challenges and opportunities. At Hermosillo, we understand that the preliminary phase of the project, known as preconstruction, is crucial to laying the foundation for success. Every step counts toward ensuring exceptional results, from establishing strong, win-win relationships with our clients to meticulous planning and risk management practices. 

We focus on understanding our client’s needs and turning their vision into reality through precise technical documents that include value engineering proposals; this way, the project becomes optimal in terms of costs, quality, and operability. Keep reading to learn how we navigate the four stages of the preconstruction phase of a project in Hermosillo.

Relationship: The beginning of the project scope

In Hermosillo, trust is the cornerstone of a successful business relationship in any industry. We strive to earn the trust of our clients through honesty, added value, and customized service while providing direct, open, and effective communication. Our team is firmly committed to fulfilling our promises along the way. Thanks to this continuous effort, to this day, 60% of our clients build with us again and keep returning or recommending us because they can rely on our integrity and commitment to excellence.

A powerful relationship with our clients begins with a profound understanding of their needs and objectives. When meeting a new client, our main goal is to comprehend their requirements and translate them into technical key concepts that will impact and guide the entire construction process. We use three fundamental documents to achieve this: work budget, blueprints, and specifications.

  • Bill of Quantities or Cost Estimate: This document contains a list of the activities (concepts) that will be executed during the project’s construction phase. Each concept is assigned a unit, quantity, and cost, allowing the client to understand exactly the scope of work and the associated cost.
  • Blueprints or project drawings: These visually depict the scope of the building, complying with the regulations and guidelines established by the client and the industry. The blueprints are done in 3 dimensions and are essential for visualizing the project´s space, complementing the cost estimate, and providing a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the project.
  • Specifications: This document helps to specify the products, materials, and equipment that will be part of the construction project. It complements the Bill of Quantities and the project’s drawings, detailing brands, models, codes, and regulations that must be met for the successful execution of the project.

Risk Management

Risk management is an integral part of our approach in Hermosillo. As industry leaders with 60 years of experience, we have solved many issues and developed robust processes to identify, mitigate, and address all potential risks. From the initial planning to the execution of the construction phase, each phase requires careful evaluation and a solid risk plan to ensure successful outcomes. Let’s explore how we approach risk management in our projects.

Project Planning: Defining the Risk Plan

Before starting any work, we comprehensively understand the project scope of work and do a detailed project schedule. This includes identifying potential risks in each project phase and developing a detailed plan. We aim to delete and anticipate possible risks of the project and establish preventive measures to mitigate their possible impact on the project.

Construction Phases: Implementing Risk Management Plan

We closely monitor our risk management plan throughout all phases of the project. We proactively supervise site conditions, work progress, and any factors that may pose a potential risk to the project. Furthermore, we are prepared to adjust our approach and take swift and adequate corrective actions if unexpected challenges arise.

Continuous Risk Management: Continuous Adaptation and Improvement

Risk management in construction projects is not static; it is a continuous and evolving process. In Hermosillo, we are committed to constant improvement, regularly reviewing and updating our risk plan as the project progresses. This adaptability enables us to effectively respond to changes in project conditions and minimize any possible negative impact on the schedule and/or cost proposal.

Financial Aspects

In Hermosillo, we understand the importance of sound financial management at every project stage. We commit to using resources efficiently and transparently, ensuring our clients get the maximum value for their investment. From crafting precise budgets to meticulously supervising ongoing costs, we strive to stay within the agreed project cost while meeting the highest standards of quality and excellence.

Technical Support in Preconstruction

From the project’s planning onset, we provide comprehensive technical guidance to help clients define their needs. Leveraging our experience, we translate these needs into the above-mentioned documents, ensuring that all parties clearly define and understand the project scope of work.

Value Engineering

We bring Value Engineering and innovative alternatives to ensure that each project is cost-efficient without compromising quality or functionality. This allows us to offer our clients options that align with their needs and budget, ensuring an optimal project from the outset.

Project’s Localization

In addition to considering the client’s specific needs, we ensure that the project complies with local regulations, codes, and best design and construction practices. This process, known as “localization,” allows us to adapt projects previously developed in other countries to fit seamlessly into the Mexican context and project requirements. Doing so ensures that the project is viable and complies with all local regulations.

Financial Optimization

Our focus in preconstruction is not just on defining the optimal scope of work of a project but also on ensuring that it is a financially sound one. By helping the client define an optimal project and avoiding over-specification, we ensure the project has an appropriate cost. This allows the client to evaluate if the project will achieve the required return on investment, ensuring its long-term financial viability.


Doing the project’s schedule goes beyond simply setting dates and allocating resources. For a successful project, we incorporate Lean Construction principles to create collaborative environments that allow for the analysis and validation of critical elements, supporting constructability, productivity, and risk management in operations.

Implementing Lean Construction in our planning process offers a range of significant benefits for the project lifecycle. From delivering projects on time or ahead of schedule to cost savings, risk management, and quality improvement, these practices enable us to ensure job site safety, reliable data, and an efficient and motivated organization.

Furthermore, we integrate Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology into our planning. This visualization tool allows us to showcase a new building in its precise location before construction begins. BIM enhances complex data analysis on the construction site, improving communication and collaboration among team members.

Additionally, it allows us to visualize clashes during the design phase and address potential issues before they affect physical construction. In Hermosillo, we leverage these innovative technologies and practices to ensure that our planning is accurate, efficient, and geared toward success in all construction phases on a solid foundation.

Two images side by side: On the left, a professional team collaborates over BIM software for 3D construction planning; on the right, construction planners discuss a schedule, using a colorful array of sticky notes for task management in preconstruction phases


Our dedication to excellence in preconstruction allows us to lay the groundwork for successful and enduring projects delivered on time and within the agreed budget. At Hermosillo, we are committed to helping our clients land the perfect project from the outset, ensuring financial and operational success throughout construction. With our focus not only on satisfying but also exceeding customer needs and our 60 years of experience, we are a trusted partner who guarantees to make the projects of companies seeking to invest in Mexico a reality.

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