Hermosillo Wins COPARMEX Award for Social Responsibility
Founding partners of Hermosillo received an award from Coparmex for its social responsibility practices

On May 26th, we had the pleasure of attending a COPARMEX (National Employers Confederation) event, where 12 companies from Mexicali, including Hermosillo, were granted the “Corporate Social Responsibility Practices 2022” award.

This event took place at a restaurant in Mexicali, Baja California, where the most important businessmen of the city enjoyed a delicious dinner and a harmonious evening.

During the event, the importance of the business sector contributing to social causes in Mexicali was highlighted. Videos were presented in which each company showed how it carries out its social responsibility and the representatives of each one were called to receive their award. In addition, there was a short talk given by the president of National COPARMEX (National Employers Confederation), Engineer José Medina Mora Icaza.

Here you can see the video that was played at the event, where we present how we serve our community, being faithful to our founding principles and business values, especially social responsibility.

We thank COPARMEX (National Employers Confederation) Mexicali for honoring us with its award for good Corporate Social Responsibility Practices 2022. In Hermosillo we continue to be committed, subsidiary and in solidarity with our community, as we have done for the last 59 years.

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