Meet Irma Moncada: Procurement Manager in Grupo Hermosillo
Irma Moncada Procurement Manager

By mere chance, Irma found her passion in numbers and analysis. Since then she has built a professional career based on determination. Today, she is the Procurement Manager for Hermosillo Group in Monterrey.

How would you describe your job to a person who does not work in the construction industry?

I visualize the purchasing department as the link between the planned and the executed. It is the joint between internal talent and external agents that makes our clients’ projects come true.

How did you start working in the construction industry?

I started with zero experience in a small remodeling company. There, they introduced me to Autocad and Opus. I was in charge of the digitizing analysis of unit prices and budgets, given to me by one of the architects. I also did basic blueprints. 

That’s when I realized that my things were numbers and analysis.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced while working in Hermosillo? How did you manage to overcome it?

Well, there have been several, but without a doubt, the most important one was to leave Tijuana to come to Monterrey and help Fernando (Unit Director) to establish an office here. 

It could be said that when Hermosillo decided to expand its horizons to Monterrey, we were not well-known as in Baja California. Nevertheless, we took the opportunity and assembled an outstanding team, all due to a lot of effort, perseverance, and doing things right. 

Another major challenge was working with Barton Malow on General Motors’ projects. They had different ways of working from us. To face it, the fundamental thing, according to me, was to be receptive, flexible, and as always, professional. Not everything was positive and I think we could have done better, however, it left us a great learning experience.

What is the job accomplishment you are most proud of?

Definitely, when a collaborator shows me their trust and expresses positive things about myself or the role I play. To feel that I make a difference. 

I do not consider that my greatest achievements consist of a project’s performance, in one way or another that’s given, it is a team effort. But, the mark you leave on people; influencing, training, or motivating them in any way, for me, is very rewarding. Do not forget that you are always setting an example for newer generations.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Something I really like is that no matter how similar the projects may be, there are never identical. There is always something new, a different challenge, something new to learn. From new suppliers, and new clients to new work teams. Each project adds something exciting and enriching.

To which aspect of your personality do you most attribute your personal success? And how has Hermosillo helped you with this?

Maybe to determination. I believe that anything can be achieved, you just have to be surrounded by the right people and learn to recognize when you need help. 

 I have always liked to optimize, to be efficient as well as effective. I believe that with the minimum we can do a lot if we work smartly. I am against reworking or doing things to get out of trouble. 

Hermosillo has always given me the freedom to act, but above all, has placed confidence in my work and in my decisions, which has been key to my development.

Someone that inspires you:

I am inspired by people who achieve balance in their life. I do not think that being a successful person is having a job that you like or making a lot of money, or being recognized.  I like that the people around me have a life that they like and enjoy.

Your favorite phrase:

I agree very much with the phrase repeated by architect Hermosillo: “Do things right, the first time.” If your first steps are firm, informed, well-planned, and sustained, then the odds are in your favor that things will work out on your first try.

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