Meet Edna Magallenes: Construction Manager
Edna L. Magallanes Construction Manager

Edna started in the Design department, but she found her true calling in her work on-site. Now, she is a Construction Manager in our Mexicali branch.

How would you describe your job to a person who does not work in the construction industry?

My job is to support Hermosillo’s staff during every step of project construction, from the client’s administration to the management of Hermosillo’s human resources. 

I’m also in charge of encouraging our team’s assertiveness in their responses and actions to successfully fulfill our client’s demands, in a timely manner.

How did you start working in the construction industry?

I got to Hermosillo just as I graduated from Architecture school. I started working in the Design Department, but after a few months a position for Construction Assistant opened, and I took it. My tasks in my new role consisted of organizing documentation, purchases, and construction details. 

I loved the onsite job. As a result, I was always looking for ways of doing more, that’s how I started to assist the surveyor’s assistant in traces and subsequent activities that I’m now responsible for. 

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced while working in Hermosillo? How did you manage to overcome it?

Although I never took my gender into consideration while selecting my professional career, one of my biggest challenges has been to overcome the prevailing gender barrier in the industry.

The construction sector is basically led by men. And despite never stopping to actively think about it, I faced multiple situations that made me notice it. 

One of my greatest achievements has been to show that it is not a gender matter but talent and ability. All my successes have been the result of a lot of effort, dedication, patience, and, above all, respect for different ways of thinking.

What is the job accomplishment you are most proud of?

The achievement that gives me the greatest satisfaction is delivering projects that do not require returning to make guarantees. Also, when the client asks us to work with them again due to the good results.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

The most beautiful thing about my work is that each project gives you the opportunity to live a totally new experience, always challenging; with different partners, clients, and conditions.

To which aspect of your personality do you attribute your personal success? And how has Hermosillo helped you with this?

I like to look for solutions, I enjoy challenges even when they cause me discomfort. Here in Hermosillo,  I have found the opportunity to develop this aspect of my personality through the exchange of ideas given in every project.

Someone that inspires you:

My family, always. Firstly, my parents were my life’s first guidance. Then my children and my husband. They inspire me and give me the support to keep doing the work that I love. 

Your favorite phrase:

“Start doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are going to do the impossible”. – San Francisco de Asís.

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