60 Years, Hundreds of Stories: Coffee Breaks Tijuana
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In the previous installment of our “Coffee Breaks,” we shared very interesting conversations with our colleagues from our Monterrey office as part of our 60th anniversary celebration. This time, we are thrilled to share with you these new interviews with seven groups of collaborators who are an integral part of our exceptional team in the city of Tijuana.

Hermosillo’s Tijuana office opened its doors in 1991 to become the second of our four regional offices. It is staffed with members of the Hermosillo family who, day in and day out, embody our core values and strive to provide exceptional solutions to our clients in the construction industry.

Take a look at the inspiring stories and insights of our Tijuana team members, who have contributed to Hermosillo’s success for six decades of excellence in designing and constructing world-class projects along the country.

Undoubtedly, our team is the foundation of Hermosillo, and their influence on our growth and success is undeniable. We know that with their unwavering support, we will achieve our goal of reaching a century of success and excellence in the construction industry. Every step we take brings us closer to that vision, and we are profoundly grateful for the talent and dedication of our collaborators, which drive us forward each day.

Let’s continue creating stories and cultivating experiences.

The “Coffee Breaks” from our regional office in Mexicali, Baja California, are yet to be published! Receive them next month by subscribing to our monthly newsletter.

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