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During September, through the initiative of the OCUPA movement (, Grupo Hermosillo’s team achieved another edition of their campaign UNIDOS SOMOS MEJORES (BETTER TOGETHER), by managing to collect more than 1200 pantry-essential kits, donated to over 1000 families in Mexicali. Our mission: give a helping hand to those affected by the current pandemic.

The OCUPA movement, a Non-Governmental Organization made up of Mexicali citizens, has the mission of promoting the transformation of our city, through activities based on social responsibility, awareness, and citizen participation.

This is how more than 150 volunteers from Grupo Hermosillo, Casas Exe, and Punta Este Corporativo, met on consecutive weekends to prepare more than 1000 packages that would be destined for families living in the following local communities:

OCUPA challenges citizens and companies to come together and take action in the resolution of the main problems affecting our community. Some of the activities already carried out are pothole-patching, donation of pantry essential kits, and reforestation in different areas of Mexicali.

At Grupo Hermosillo, we are always designing more and better activities that reflect the social responsibility that we owe to our community. Today more than ever, we understand the importance of staying together, especially in adversity. We thank the OCUPA movement for challenging us to continue transforming the city where we were born and thus transcend through our values.

To learn more about the OCUPA movement, visit the site

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