Construction Industry and Hermosillo Leaders: Nancy López

At Grupo Hermosillo, we take pride in our employees. Each is crucial to our company’s success, so it’s gratifying to share their experiences with you. This time, we had the opportunity to interview Nancy López, Project Leader. During the conversation, we discovered insights into her professional growth, challenges, and approach to project management, among other exciting topics. Please keep reading to learn more about her journey with the company.

1. What is the most significant project you have led in Hermosillo?

I am just starting as a leader.  So, the one I am currently leading: MCO. It is the project where I have faced the most personal and professional challenges and experienced the most growth because I have stepped out of my comfort zone. Likewise, it is a project where I have had people under my supervision, which is an even more significant challenge than having specific tasks, as it involves leading a team.

2. How do you adapt your management approach to the specific needs and characteristics of each project?

Firstly, it’s important not to see all projects as the same; each has its needs and clients. So, it’s significant to conduct a study to understand what type of project it is and what kind of client we have. Once we have that focus clear, it’s essential to know how to guide the personnel so that all project areas are covered and managed in the best possible way. Our management approach is to pay total attention to the client and keep sight of the work schedule, as time is crucial.

3. Which values of Hermosillo do you identify with? Why?

One of the values I particularly like is considering everyone here and ensuring that the staff is comfortable and well so that they are motivated to do their job well. The second is customer attention. It is crucial for the customer to feel heard and attended to and to know that we are a responsible company and that what we discussed in previous meetings is reflected in the work, giving them a positive impression. Similarly, we put significant effort into sustainability and standardizing recycling, hazardous waste disposal, etc.

4. How do you foster professional development and growth within your team?

Primarily, I will talk to them, ask how they feel, if they are comfortable and if they want this. Sometimes, we may think a job or position is what we want, but once we are in it, we realize it’s not for us. That’s why I talk to them; knowing they are comfortable is fundamental. I seek ways to support them. The most important thing is listening to my team and understanding their desires.

5. How do you use feedback and post-project evaluation to improve your skills and approach?

First, I try to open my mind and understand that feedback is for improvement; we all have areas to improve, no matter the position. Secondly, I will look at how I can improve. My survival method is when a problem arises, I initially feel overwhelmed, but then I immediately search for a solution and see how to overcome the obstacle. For me, it’s crucial to have emotional intelligence to know how to handle the challenges presented to you instead of taking them as criticism and improving your role in each project.

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