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“The opportunity to pass on to the new generations the knowledge, skills, and value of smart work to achieve high-quality results drives my commitment.” Victor Avilés, Construction Manager, tells us about his learning, challenges, and the culture within his work area. Keep reading for the full interview.

1. How did your career in the construction industry begin?

My career began at 19 when I worked part-time at an Architecture Firm in Sonora. However, I gained most of my knowledge working in Hermosillo. Since joining the company in 2014, I have been involved in several important projects for the UEN Monterrey. I started as a Draftsman, then became a Project Administrator, Resident, Superintendent, Project Leader, and now I am Construction Manager.

2. What are your short and long-term professional goals?

In the short term, I aim to learn to exercise and master the role I have just been assigned as Construction Manager. In the long term, I plan to establish myself as one of the best managers within the company, focusing on achieving goals by forming compact and balanced workgroups without losing sight of the value of people as human beings.

3. How has Hermosillo supported you in achieving goals?

Since welcoming me into its ranks, Hermosillo has allowed me to work freely, imprinting my style on my tasks. It has also assigned me challenges and responsibilities that have significantly contributed to my improvement in many aspects of my life.

4. What skills and characteristics do you consider necessary for success in this industry?

One of the most important skills is adapting to changes. In a changing business, it is essential to learn to be strategic and always have the vision to identify all the factors that can intervene in those changes.

Additionally, I consider it of the utmost importance to be self-critical and honest with oneself. This will help you understand your current level and what skills you need to develop to advance and improve.

5. How has your experience been using new technologies in recent projects?

It has been a very enriching experience to see how new technologies emerge yearly to help improve project performance, from designing software platforms for internal administration and control to work planning and compliance measurement tools.

I strive to ensure that my work teams maximize the advantages of these tools.

6. What motivates you to continue learning and developing?

I am greatly motivated by the possibility of transcending, being a good person, and helping my family improve their quality of life. Another factor that significantly motivates me is the opportunity to transmit knowledge, skills, and the value of intelligent work to the new generations to achieve high-quality results.

7. How would you describe Hermosillo’s work culture?

In the last ten years, I have witnessed a huge evolution within the organizational and work culture in Hermosillo. I firmly believe it is a constantly transforming company that always seeks excellence.

8. How do you promote collaboration and camaraderie within your work team?

Being pleasant with everyone opens the doors to effective communication. I constantly try to lead by example and transmit a sense of commitment. I also make my colleagues aware of the importance of their roles and the need to harness each person’s skills, while searching for ways to incentivize and recognize their achievements.

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