Hermosillo's CLIC 2020: Virtual Lean Construction Symposium
clic 2020 hermosillo

We feel more than pleased to have participated for the second time in the organization and hosting of CLIC (Congreso Lean Internacional de la Construcción) on its 2020-previous edition. The symposium, held virtually, was broadcasted on November 11 and 12.

One of the challenges for this digital edition consisted of creating various virtual tours of the works where we implement Lean Construction practices.

Representing Hermosillo, the construction company shared its current project for Flex-N-Gate. We showcased the different activities within Last Planner planning culture, achieving coordination between all subcontractors and our client.

During this tour, testimonials are shown from several Hermosillo collaborators, subcontractors, and the client himself; they all share what it means to experience Hermosillo’s leadership in the implementation of the Lean Construction culture.

Construction manager, Edna Magallanes, participated in a roundtable discussion, providing her vision of that Lean Construction has brought to the company, the results it has generated, and how Hermosillo has achieved the number #1 place in Mexico according to Lean Construction practices.

Vice president of the Toyota Management Institute, Yasutaka Kumakura, held a keynote during the transmission, from Nagoya, Japan. Likewise, Lauri Koskela (Huddersfield University, UK), Glenn Ballard (UC in Berkeley), Luis Fernando Alarcón (Universidad Católica de Chile) and Salvador García (Tec de Monterrey, MX), founders of the Lean Construction movement, participated with their input on current challenges the industry is facing.

This symposium was presented as a “digital preview edition” since it was set up and transmitted from the city of Guadalajara, which will host the next CLIC 2021.

Hermosillo continues to work on not only practicing Lean Construction through all of its projects and team members but on spreading the importance of creating highly-efficient processes every step of the way. We thank all the organizers, sponsors, and participants who are part of the Lean Construction Institute.

To learn more about LCI and its upcoming events, click here.

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