Transforming the Design and Construction Industry in Mexico
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In recent years, Hermosillo has stood out as the leading construction company in Mexico in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC). Our purpose is to adopt cutting-edge solutions to take the construction industry to the next level. As a result of our experience and focus, Forward Design emerges as an initiative created to meet the challenges and needs of internationally renowned developers seeking to digitalize the pre-construction stage.

Continue reading to discover how Forward Design becomes the perfect ally to drive building toward a horizon of innovation, creativity, and success in every project.

What is Forward Design?

It is a cutting-edge architecture and engineering design solution that Hermosillo offers in Mexico to speed up the documentation, modeling, and specification process in the development of prototypes for construction projects.

Within Forward Design in Hermosillo, our primary goal is to standardize property specifications that will be replicated across multiple sites and regions throughout the country. This strategy provides our clients with a stable and cohesive base, rather than starting everything from scratch on each new project. By optimizing the pre-construction stage, we make the construction process more efficient and agile, achieving faster results.

Developing buildings in multiple locations and with different contractors can lead to quality inconsistencies, increasing the probability of errors, omissions, and cost overruns during construction. This is where standardization in the pre-construction stage becomes an invaluable strategy, whether you have a few commercial stores or are a developer of large projects.

By standardizing projects from the beginning, we can ensure that the assets we develop have superior quality, greatly facilitating their construction and subsequent operation and maintenance. A building prototype becomes a great asset for those seeking consistency in their operational buildings. It gives them the capability to streamline their entire construction process.

Implementing a standard guarantees that all buildings within a portfolio maintain coherence and uniformity in their design model, functionality, and efficiency. This cohesion provides a professional and reliable identity for the company, as it optimizes our client’s experience and increases efficiency in their operations.

Innovation is in our DNA

In each of our projects, we consistently employ the most advanced tools available in the market. Our “Forward Thinking” identity represents our commitment to innovation and constant progress and is reflected in the comprehensive offering of our design services. We specialize in BIM methodologies, Lean Design, and Sustainability, embracing innovation every step of the way. 

Our design stage begins with Autodesk Revit; its models incorporate all the disciplines necessary for modeling our clients’ construction projects. This allows us to deliver products with a federated model and rigorous quality control. Additionally, we enhance productivity through clash detection coordination with the help of Autodesk Navisworks, ensuring outstanding efficiency and precision in developing each project. Finally, we work with centralized information and collaborate with interdisciplinary teams in the cloud through the Autodesk Construction Cloud.

What sets us apart?

The history of Hermosillo is a testimony of constant growth and evolution since its foundation as a design firm in 1963. It was in 1976 that we took a transformative turn and became a renowned construction company while preserving our essence as designers throughout all these years.

This dual focus on design and construction has been fundamental in our trajectory, allowing us to specialize in design/build projects. Thanks to this specialization, we have participated in over 950 projects throughout our history.

In Mexico, no other company dedicated to design services has as extensive experience as the one we have accumulated over the years. We have been privileged to work with international clients who demand the highest standards. We have always focused on finding solutions that offer the best possible balance between cost and benefit.

Digital Transformation in Construction 

Throughout the years, we have had the opportunity to collaborate with developers from various industries, providing them with a wide range of services adapted to their specific needs. Some of the most notable areas include:

  • Industrial: We have played a key role in generating prototypes for speculative warehouses (shell), offices for future tenants, and elements that make up industrial parks, such as access points, booths, signage, and pump rooms, among others.
  • Commercial: Our experience extends to creating prototypes for supermarket buildings, adapting specifications for the American market (USA), and successfully applying them to projects in Mexico using national building systems and equipment.
  • Hospitality: We have successfully adapted and personalized FF&E (Furniture, Finishes & Equipment) specifications for hotels of renowned international brands, incorporating national suppliers to meet the highest quality standards.

In these fields, we focus on understanding each client’s unique needs and providing tailor-made solutions that meet the highest standards of excellence.

To conclude…

With an innovative vision, Hermosillo is committed to the construction industry’s digital transformation. Through Forward Design, we begin a new stage of success and collaboration with our clients, making bringing their projects to life easier.

Forward Design is an ally for companies and developers looking to design projects in Mexico in the most efficient manner. Our 60 years of experience as a construction company and our focus on standardization and process optimization with national coverage allow us to offer unique value to our clients. Working with Forward Design guarantees a more agile, efficient, and successful design and pre-construction process. Welcome to the future of construction with Hermosillo!

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