Focusing on Lean, Hermosillo delivers in 2017 - Hermosillo: Design and Construction
Hermosillo's team having a last planner meeting.

Hermosillo always strives to complete every project on time, on budget and with superior quality, as agreed to in every contract.

We understand that the key to reducing construction-related risks and achieving our agreed milestones is the proper and constant planning/scheduling of the project.

At the beginning of 2017, Hermosillo began, in a disciplined manner, the implementation of specific tools to build a Lean Construction culture into our project management system.

So far, 12 projects in 2017 (for clients such as Flex N Gate, Truper, Fisher & Paykell and Prime Wheel) have been developed using a Lean Construction approach.

Hermosillo’s on-site staff was trained to deploy the following tools:

As part of this implementation, initiatives were undertaken to train our employees, map and improve our documented processes, and generate new reporting tools to monitor progress and identify improvement areas.

Our goal is to be a 100% LEAN on every project, optimizing our culture, and as part of Hermosillo’s way of delivering solutions and complying with agreed milestones.

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